Adult Dancers 

Ages 16 - 80 yrs.



What is Lyrical ?
Lyrical to me to is signing a song with my body, It is channeling the signers voices and turning it into my own and making it my own story to tell.

This class is great for people who have never danced before and want to give it ago or if you have been dancing for a few years and want to just have fun an enjoy yourself. This is a lyrical class it will also have some contemporary in it to.
We will be learning to love and dance around the floor, learning to express our self through music and we will be doing activity’s to grow and trust our creative minds to give ourselves confidence and a positive head space.

We do a showcase at the end of each term.. We invite friends and family to come and see our dance routine. We also enjoy free cheese and crackers and Champaign. This night is lots of fun!