Big Dancers 

Ages 12 - 16 years

High school 

Combo Class   

12-15 yrs.

In the class we do a special mix of warm up and ballet, Acrobatics and Dance.
Dance is a combination of contemporary and jazz. In our classes we also do story and dance it out, this allows children to use their imaginations, while also working on dance skills and moves, that teaches them on how to do a dance routine.

We will also do improvisation, and other methods that allow each student to be creative and confident. Each class will also learn dance routines, one of which will be performed at the end of year concert.
This class is fantastic for kids as its fun and interesting, it will help make them stronger, be more creative and will challenge them to think outside the box. This will give them a healthy fitness habit, which they will use for the rest of their lives.

Pia Dance Class presentations  20201213_45 low res.jpg
Pia Dance Class presentations  20201213_21 low res.jpg

Acrobatics 1 

5-15 yrs

Acro 1 is for any one interested in starting their tumbling journey. This class is lots of fun and give students the skills to be able to do handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls, bridges, backward rolls etc. 

We also learn partner and group balances and tricks. 

This class will learn a routine which will be preformed in our end of year show. 

We like to make sure all students are safe when learning new tricks, so each class we do conditioning and flexibility work. 

Acro 1 is OPEN to everyone 

Acrobatics 2

6-15 yrs.

Acro 2 class is lots of fun, this class is for more advance students, so we can learn skills like back and front walkovers, round off, aerials, press to handstands etc. We also learn partner and group balances and ticks. 

We will also learn a routine which will be preformed at our end of year show.  

To be in Acro 2 you must be able to do the prerequisite.

These are handstand hold, cartwheel along the line, bridge hold, forward roll to stand.