Classes Information

Combo Class

Ages 6-12 yr old's.

In the class we do a special mix of 20 min Ballet, 20 min Acrobatics and 20 min of Dance.

Dance is a combination of contemporary and jazz, we will also do improvisation, and other methods that allow each student to be creative and confident. Each class will also learn dance routines, one of which will be performed at the end of year concert.

In a Combo class we work on the basics tumbling skills, like forward roll, handstands, cartwheel, front and back walkovers, round offs etc.

This class is fantastic for kids as its fun and interesting, it will help make them stronger, be more creative and will challenge them to think outside the box. This will give them a healthy fitness habit, which they will use for the rest of their lives.

teaching acrobatics

Focus Acrobatics Class

Age 6-12 yrs old.

Prerequisites required – Forward roll to stand, Cartwheel along the line or close to, Handstand touch toes/hold, Bridge

This class is for any child wanting to focus on Acrobatics. Your child will get more out of this class if they also do a Combo Class.

This class will focus on learning harder tumbling skills like aerial cartwheels, back flips, front handsprings, front summaries etc.
This class will also work on partner balancing skills.

Junior Lyrical/ contemporary Dance Class

Age 8-15 yrs old.

This Class is for any children wanting to focus on Dance. This Class can be done alone, but your child will get more out of it, if they also do a combo class.

In a Combo Class we learn the basics of dance. We learn of ballet, and play with different dance exercises like levels, improvisation, moving to the beat, story telling etc.

In this Dance class we will be focusing on dance techniques to get harder dance skills like learning to turns, jumps, rolls. We also will be learning dance routines throughout the year, Working on group routines and solos that will be preformed at the end of year concert.