Term 1 Timetable

January 31th to April 9th 

New pick up and care program

This program will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

We will pick your child up from either

Rozelle public School or Orange Grove public school 

We will provided them with afternoon tea, eg. sandwiches 

Late Pick up available  

on Mondays will need to happen between 5-6 pm

and on Thursdays 5-5:30 pm 

This will cost 12 per afternoon, (120 per 10 week term) 

This program will only run if there is interest. If this program would work for you let us know in the form below, so we can provide you with this service.

New Classes - Acrobatics 

Acro 1 and 2 are based on children's skills not their age. 

Acro 1 is for any one interested in learning tumbling skills like handstands, cartwheel, bridges, forward rolls and more fun skills.

Acro 1 is entry level anyone can join in. 

To be in Acro 2 you will need to be able to do the prerequisites. 

Which are handstand touch toes/ hold, cartwheel along the line and almost cartwheel other side, strong bridge, forward roll to stand. 

This is so Acro 2 can focus on learning new and harder skills and tricks. 

Both acrobatics classes, will include learning tumbling skills, partner balances and tricks. 

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